Shortly, all Forest Service cabin owners will be receiving an announcement for the next National Forest Homeowners Forum, to be held at the Red Lion Inn, in Sacramento, September 19. If you are a Forest Service cabin owner, you know how important this is. At the last Forum we held in Sacramento, we overflowed a room with a 200 capacity, so this time we are getting a room to hold 300. Registration starts at noon, and get there early! Fee is $15 per person, and well worth it.

This is not just for Forest Service cabin owners. Anyone can attend, including PG&E and private cabin owners. Remember, what ever the Forest Service does, impacts everyone.

Finally, there is still time to donate to the NFH CUFFA fund. Make a check to Bucks Lake HOA, and on the memo line at the low left corner, write “For NFH CUFFA.” You can drop that or send it to Debbie at the Haskins Store. In September, the Home Owners Association, will write one check, for all the donations, to the NFH CUFFA Fund.

I will be at the Septmber 19 Forum, and I hope to see you there.

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