About Time For An Update

Following all the rain of the last week, now it is cold here. Still, it beats a good day working….. (if you have a job!)

I went to the dam yesterday, and PG&E is NOT letting water out right now. The lake remains very high, about a foot under the flash boards.

Eric Ward helped me out with a drainage project today. He has some nice equipment here, and used a mini tracked excavator on my project. The job was quick and clean and the price was reasonable. I am happy to tell you he is available for projects at the Lake. Of course he does not have a phone. So, his cabin is on Quarry Road, clear down almost at the very end, and he is hopeful to see a few of you with your projects.

Remember, a few important dates: Weekend of July 4th, several small associations will have meetings; also on July 4th there is the Fire Department Pancake Breakfast at the fire house (where else?); and the annual Association meeting is on July 18th at Haskins.

See you there.

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