I’m trying to remember an October as wet as this one. There is likely another, but it would be long ago.

So far this month, we have 10.76″. That’s wet!. And, I think we are good for at least 2 more inches by November 1.

Shifting gears, we have seen a lot of tree and debris clearing work. The PG&E tree crew has dropped all the dead trees located in their helicopter survey. They are due to come back in to take the trees marked by their forester on the ground. Cabin owners have been taking bunches of trees the were marked by the Forest Service. And, we are waiting for the big task, dropping the Big Tree across the road from our camera. 144 feet tall. 6 – 7 feet at the base, dying, and with 7, count ’em, window makers at the top. That will be something…..

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