Back In The U.S.

We are back from our Germany trip, but will be in Reno until the 30th. It appears the internet link at the cabin keeps getting knocked out by snow. We have a heater on the dish, but those of you familiar with Bucks in the winter know how it snows there. Still, the heater catches up after a day, or so. Once up there, we keep the dish clean, sometimes every 15 minutes. Looking at the web cam my guess is about 3 feet. That could be 5 by tomorrow afternoon.

Sandy Ward has announced that the 2nd Edition Bucks Lake Cookbook is now available. Her email . 2nd edition price is $12. 1st editions are still available at $8.00.

I understand the groomer was returned to the mountain on Monday and is running now. I’m trying to confirm that and get the latest information. When I get it, I’ll put it up here.


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