First, it has snowed another 18″ today. That has not diminished the fire at all, as 6 to 7 cords of wood are in the basement, and that is still burning.

The fire was reported right around 5 am. The Bucks Lake Fire Chief, Jeff Iversen, was at his cabin, and responded and established a unified command, and requested Plumas County Fire Control to respond Meadow Valley for mutual aid. Six of their personnel did respond, and were instrumental in preventing the loss of several more structures.

The Bucks Lake community also responded, in spite of the deep and heavy snow. Jay Grubbs brought the groomer tractor and plowed up large berms to shield some of the other buildings from the heat. That was successful for some of them.

Others responding and providing various types of assistance were La Troy Justeson, Dave Pierson, and Al and Mary James.

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