Just An Update

Those of you who know where to look have already figured out we are at the cabin for the holiday. It is so beautiful here. Quiet. Shhh! Quiet!

Not much to say, as everyone is counting down to winter. PG&E crews continue to log, and they are doing extensive work now in the meadow. My understanding is, like last year, they will work till snow drives them out.

The grooming program is ready to go, and all we need is snow!

So, not much to say till that happens.

We will be out of the country from December 9 through the 23rd, and will not have any way to update. (Too much of a hassle to  bring the laptop to Europe, and the internet access charges are steep) We’ll update if anything noteworthy happens before and after those dates. I hope the winter season is going full blast when we return.

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