Word is floating around among cabin owners that some people found that various appliances did not work after the power came back on, and have filed claims with PG&E.

There may be a reason for that. The repair crew did not connect one of the 12,000 volt lines on that first night when we all expected the power to come back on. They apparently did not have the right equipment to test high voltage, and when they left, they did not realize there were still no lights on, anywhere.

That night, one cabin owner put a meter on his incoming line and found an input of 21 volts! That is just the kind of low voltage that can damage refrigerator compressors, TV’s, etc. So if you have some damaged equipment, that you can trace back to the power failure, you could think about filing a claim with PG&E.

On Saturday, October 3, we had a nice work party at the groomer shed. Jay Grubbs and his boys replaced two broken cleats on the tract0r, a significant job, while several others of us built a new shelf unit where much of the Snowdrifters picnic/barbecue equipment will be stored. The result is a much better organized floor space as we get ready for winter.

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