We are looking for about 2.75″ of rain tonight and Friday before it changes to snow. Then, about 10″ on Saturday. The good stuff just keeps coming.

About the camera…. So far, relatively good. I have only had to reset it once, tonight. The disturbing thing is that it functioned without a flaw since 2013 before our current “problems.” I have another camera to install in its place if it fails completely. (If you ever saw the movie, “2001,) you will remember, “Leave it in place, and let it fail…”) Again, if you saw the movie, you know what happened then. Ugg. So, I hope things just stay simple and reliable.

One more thing. Most of the lake has an ice layer. The area toward Mill Creek is still open, and a forecast for rain will not produce more ice. And next week we will have cold nights, but warm days. That could complete the freezing process, but it would not inspire MY confidence. Be careful out there…..

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