I’m thinking I ought to add a new post, since it has been a while. OK, the lake is full, still. Weather has been pretty good, although cold this week. No fires!! So far….

Annual HOA meeting is tomorrow, 7-9, at Haskins. Many cabin owners on the west side of the lake are anticipating a PG&E answer to, “How are we going to move our docks fall and spring, since you have posted that motor vehicles may not proceed below the high water line? Looking for answers tomorrow….

I am told the Fire Department Pancake Breakfast was its usual success, with 800 breakfasts served. A massive number. We missed it, as we were in church at 8 am.

We served on the fire department for 20 years. It is an honor to protect your neighbors and their properties. If you can do it, the training is excellent, the calls are not overbearingly frequent, and you can only imagine the reward you get when you know you have saved a life, or a cherished cabin….. Please consider it.

Waiting for the next event worthy of a comment….

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