Yes, time has flown, so this will be a catch up on a lot of things. The Poker Run was great. Attendance, with the lodge fire and the weather, was down a bit, but everyone had a great time.

The lake may look frozen, but I watch, and a few days after every storm, the snow on the ice turns from white to gray. Not a good sign. Best to stay off….ride at your own peril. There is no rescue available.

Grooming. We have done all the main basin roads and they are in good shape. I did Big Creek today, so that is an option for people who like to park down low. Mike and Dave did Grizzly Forebay yesterday, and tomorrow they are heading into Coldwater with the groomer and chain saws. That might be the stuff of legends when they return.

The last two days, two PG&E crews have been here with two snow cats, and it appears they are visiting every cabin, and hooking up service where it was taken down during the storms. The exception would be, I think, where the weatherhead is destroyed. I think they will want an electrician to set up a new one before they hang a service drop. We say a lot of things about PG&E, but they have really stepped up during and after the storms. They deserve your words of thanks when you see them.

Finally, it looks like we are heading into another wet period starting this weekend, and it could last for up to two weeks. And I have seen that mostly snow is expected for us. It may be 70 in the Valley, but winter is far from over for us.

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