In other parts of this country, our Saturday wind event would have had a name. If we were in Southern California, we all would have been burned in a fire storm. For all of the day, the lake looked like San Francisco Bay on a very windy day…, all whitecaps, and about four foot waves.

It was actually frightening, as the trees began to go down. Night fell, and the roar of the constant wind was punctuated by the sound of trees falling. You knew that one of them could easily hit your roof, and that would be it…

The entire electrical system on Mt Ash was trashed. The west end of Mile High Rd. also hammered, with 7 large trees falling in a jumble on one lot and blocking the road. What kind of wind gust caused that? Amazing, scary, perhaps terrifying.

Here’s a shout out to PG&E. I know we love to trash them. But, on Sunday morning, they flooded the area with crews and equipment. And did all their work with a great attitude. Thanks, guys……

The power is mostly back on, on Monday evening. However, there was so much damage that only the primary system is back on. If the service drop to your cabin was severed, you must make a specific request for repair. Have one of your recent bills available and locate your account number. You must have that. Call the 800 number on the bill and state the problem. You will probably have to endure a “relationship”with any number of AI assistants, but it will get the job done.

The rest of the state has no idea what we have just endured. If our storm had hit, for instance, South Lake Tahoe, it would be national news. We know what we have survived. That is enough.

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