We put up our home grown snow gauge today, and I hope it is viewable. Those are the biggest numbers we could find. For you Forest Service folks who look at this website, here is the answer to your question: two screws, that will be removed in the Spring. (!)

The rain yesterday was followed by 2″ of fluffy snow. We’ll take all we can get right now. While the coverage is adequate, and the ride is smooth, there are some spots just barely covered.  Jay Grubbs rode Grizzly Forebay a couple of days ago and said it was pretty good. There were a couple of spots where he had to go over a few feet of dirt, but nothing bad.

Parking. As always, during the holiday season, that is an issue. On Sunday the upper lot was 2/3 full. Since then, no doubt, some have left, and some have arrived. I noticed driving up that there was snow down to Big Creek, but as most everyone knows, there are a couple of spots just around the corner where it can get thin. I will try to ride it tomorrow, and post the result here.

Remember, once we get some storms in, and are grooming frequently, you can read the groomers’ blog at

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