What a disappointment. Almost 4 inches of rain, and we finished up with 2 inches of new snow. Surprisingly, the coverage on the roads is still adequate. We rode to the summit this afternoon, and only hit a couple of spots where pavement could not be avoided. But it is still pretty bad.

The Weather Service forecast has light rain starting on Saturday, intensifying into heavy rain on Sunday and Monday, and hopefully changing to snow Monday afternoon, and continuing through Wednesday.  And once the snow starts, there could be a whole bunch of it, like several feet.

Given all of the above, I cannot, in good conscience tell anyone that heading to Bucks this weekend and next week would be a very good idea, unless you are prepared and willing to deal with, first, extreme rain, and then extreme snow.

We will be gone during next week, so even though we have a dish heater for our internet, there may be times when the weather station is off the air for extended periods until the snow melts. Be patient if that happens. Hopefully, what is coming will mean a fun winter from here on out.

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