A large number of cabin owners voted against the Good Old Boys in the July 6 election, but not enough of them understood the truth to prevent that outcome.

Now they magnanimously want us to just forget it all and join in some kind of love fest.


An entire year of: theft; embezzlement; cover up; conspiracy; horrible, vile, venomous, hate filled social media attacks; personal attacks and bullying against a group of elected persons who were just trying to do their jobs; a violent, damaging vandalism on my truck while parked on the summit.

Forget? No. I will remember all of it, and I, for one, will never trust those people again. I have no respect for any of them. The deepest emotion I feel is disappointment that so many people were tricked into believing a nicely packaged bunch of lies.

Get my money in the future? No way, and I am certain I am not alone…..

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