Too Much Powder

We have had 123″ of snow since Monday, the 9th!! That’s just too much snow in eight days. I think we have more than done our part for L A’s swimming pools, so now I hope Mother Nature shuts off her great toilet in the sky.

We have both the Summit and Big Creek roads groomed. The County has plowed Big Creek parking area, and tomorrow morning they are bringing the big blower and a grader up to the Summit. So, as of tomorrow afternoon, access and riding will be very good. Then, of course, there is the weekend forecast. We’ll just deal with that when it arrives.

When you get off the groomed roads, the powder is bottomless. In fact, the groomer is having a very tough time pioneering any thing that has not been groomed for a few days. That includes 4 Trees. I suppose we will try that pretty soon, but it could be very, very tough riding for the next few days, even for good riders on great sleds. If we get 4 Trees done, I will post it here. Certainly it will be a few more days before we make a serious attempt at the other back country roads.

123″ in eight days. Wow!

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