January 3 Grooming Update

All the Bucks Lake Basin roads have been done a few times now, and the riding is great. People are still making their own trails in the back country. I expect we will start to get to those areas next week.

Don’t forget, the Bucks Lake Poker Run is scheduled for February 7. We will have another great ride groomed, and we talked about the food today at the Snowdrifters meeeting, It will be great, as usual. Probably the best of any poker run.

Finally, we do want to thank all of you for your comments. After a few more cabin chores, (like clearing the snow off the deck), we will have time to post up some new winter pictures, and maybe a few from our great Germany trip. Those of you who have ever seen the incredible cathedral of Koln, or the castles on the Rhine know what I am talking about.

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