More On Snow Conditions

We did some riding today, and it was really good. The snow softens by mid morning in all but the shadiest of spots. Jay has groomed the basin again, and it is quite smooth. The snow has settled a lot, but we still have a couple of feet of packed cover, so hopefully, we can last it out to another stormy period.

Someone in a 4X4 tried to drive in, and made it almost to Bucks Lodge. Of course, they ruined the road, which is the main reason it got groomed again. For those who may not yet know it, both Plumas County, and the Plumas National Forest have ordinances that prohibit wheeled vehicles on groomed surfaces. That message is also posted right at the staging area at Bucks Summit, so there are no excuses. All the Forest Service needs to write a citation, with a large fine attached, is the recording of a license plate number. We get a few incidents like this every winter, and it is very discouraging. You have to wonder, “What were they thinking?”

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